Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm Legal!

I'm going to pick up my A.R.C. today. It's my official work permit. As of today, I am an official resident of Taiwan with a legal work permit, crazy eh?

Today is also payday, time to go out and finally buy a cell phone. I think I am the last person on Earth without a cell phone. My boss keeps stressing the importance of having one so they can get ahold of me...I'm thinking that's all the more reason not to have

Kelly and I are going shopping this weekend at one of the night markets. The last time we went neither one of us had any money, so this time should be a bit more fun. She kept commenting about how many great deals there are and how she can't wait until she has money to buy them. That time has come, it's time to put our hard-earned money to good use! I'm going to look for a couple of long-sleeved shirts for the coming cold weather. The cold weather is not here yet, it's about 80 degrees here at 10a.m..

Kelly is great. She inspires me to get off my lazy butt and enjoy this crazy city. We try to do something fun every weekend. She recently moved into a new apartment in one of the coolest parts of the city...we plan on exploring the area around her place, there's lots to do over there.

This past week was interesting at work. Both Brent and Chris told the boss they planned on leaving in the next 6 months...ugh. These are the two guys that I rely so heavily upon. Brent has been there for 8 years and Chris has 3 years at Gram. It's going to be intense when they leave. I'm gonna do a quick jump up the seniority ladder. I think I'll be in a nice position to dictate my pay and working hours...we'll see. By the time they leave I should be pretty awesome at my job and the transition shouldn't be too tough.

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