Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Haircut From Hell

hello all, life in Asia is good. Work has been going great and my social life is taking shape. I spent the day with Kelly. We went out to eat at a fabulous Mexican place and then visited the Chaing Kai-Shek memorial.

Kelly is a blast, she is bright, fun and pretty darn cute...the tri-fecta. Time spent with her is always fun. When we first started spending time together she mentioned that she had a boyfriend back in Canada. That was a few months back and she hasn't mentioned him since...I am a bit perplexed. I really dig spending time with her and I'm afraid if I attempt to take it any further she'll freak out and our relationship will come to a grinding halt. At the same time, I am losing my mind. If I don't express my feelings about her, I'm gonna lose it. This is the question that has boggled the minds of many a man...what the heck do I do???? I value our time so much, she is adorable.

Yesterday, I got the haircut from HELL. I had the owner of the hostel write down exactly what I wanted so I could take the paper in with me to the barber shop. I figured that way there wouldn't be any communication issues. When I got there I handed the paper to the guy and he dismissed it and said he knew how I wanted my haircut...ugh. He butchered it, as you can see in one of the above looks like I am greying...zoinks!

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