Friday, November 18, 2005

Possible Visit From Kevin?

I just got an email from my cousin Kevin. He is currently a grad student studying in Hawaii (yikes, sounds rough, eh?? He is considering coming to visit this goofy island. Unfortunately, his vacation time falls at the worst possible time. The week he wants to come and visit coincides with the departure of two of my co-workers. Brent & Chris have both decided to go back to Canada. I can't blame them, they have been here a long time. Brent has been here for about 8 years, and Chris about 3.

Therefore, I am going to be out of my mind when that time comes...I'm gonna have to help train the new teachers and cover the classes that Brent & Chris normally teach.

I am not sure that Kevin would enjoy spending more than a few days here anyhow. It's not the most exciting vacation spot. I advised him to put together a trip that included a day or two in Taiwan and perhaps visits to Malaysia, Hong Kong, and/or Vietnam. Most folks I meet here seem to think that is the best plan of action.

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