Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Typhoon Wipha

36 feet high waves, 190 miles per hour/300 kmph wind gusts and 17 inches of rain in 24 hours...not fun! Yesterday Taiwan experienced a pretty hefty storm. Not the worst I've seen, but still nasty.

The roof of my apartment building was put to the test and it failed in one respect. A crack in the ceiling in the hallway between apartments emerged and water streamed down the wall. Unfortunately, it was right above the electrical box that houses the adsl hub for the entire floor. At about 8 o'clock last night, the 9th floor lost internet connection. You would think the world came to an end by the reaction of everyone I called Jerry, the landlord, and he promptly braved the elements and came over to take a look. We did everything we could to fix it and failed miserably. Jerry called the adsl folks first thing this morning and they arrived to fix it within an hour or so, excellent response time! Phew! Life without internet is like being stranded on a desert

Everything seems to be back to normal and life goes on. Living on the Pacific Rim is never dull when it comes to the climate.

The unscheduled day off work is NEVER a bad

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MJ Klein said...

good thing it didn't take out your power too!