Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Moon Festival at Longshan Temple

Tuesday night, Catherine and I made our way to the Longshan Temple. It's one of the more prominent Buddhist temples in Taipei. The place was packed! Catherine escorted me through explaining many of the customs and rites. It's a beautiful place.

I really enjoy visiting the temples. The artwork and aura is intense. Since Monday was a holiday, the temple was especially busy. I did my best to not disturb Catherine as she partook in the rituals. She was an excellent tour guide.

Here are some of the photos from our visit:

(I have finally discovered how to export photos properly. From here on in, they won't open up full-sized when you click on them...not sure why it took me so long to discover how to do this.)

Approaching the main entrance. The place was hopping.

The waterfalls are just inside the entrance in the first photo. I was quite surprised to see them.

Mugging for the camera. I don't allow myself to be on that side of the camera very often, enjoy!

Some interesting etchings surrounding the entrance doors.

Looking back at the gate before we entered the main temple.

What a spread! Visitors bring offerings in order to show one's commitment and encourage generosity and virtue from the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

The main worship area. I had to turn off the flash on the camera because there was so much smoke from the burning of incense and candles.

One of the many worship areas. I love all the colors and intricate design-work.

There are several of these pillars throughout the temple. All of them have unique messages etched in them.

Catherine chatting with another young woman while waiting her turn to approach the shrine.

A fine example of the lovely artwork throughout the temple.

I took this to show the amount of smoke emanating from the temple. I was standing on the sidewalk quite a distance from the main area. It was crazy smoky.

I am planning on making a return visit soon. I want to go there during the day in order to catch some of the stuff that night shots can't pick-up.


Andres said...

did u swing by the snake alley? it's just a block away down the street.

David said...

i didn't. i have never been there and wasn't sure where it was. i am kicking myself for not trying to find it. perhaps i will stroll on over there this weekend?