Monday, September 24, 2007

Burma - A Struggle for Freedom

If you have been watching the news these past few weeks, you've seen the footage of the protests in the streets of Rangoon (Yangon). Burma (Myanmar) has been languishing under the control of a despotic military rule for about 45 years. The military regime has, essentially, destroyed what was the once the wealthiest state in southeast Asia. The generals have suppressed all free speech and elections have been abolished and/or a sham. The military leaders have managed to transform a thriving/growing land into a country in crisis. The following is an excerpt from the Freedom House website:

The State Police and Development Council (SPDC) rules by decree; controls all executive, legislative, and judicial powers; suppresses nearly all basic rights; and commits human rights abuses with impunity. Military officers hold most cabinet positions, and active or retired officers hold most top posts in all ministries, as well as key positions in both the administration and the private sector.

The recent actions in Burma are of particular interest to me because Catherine is Burmese. She is here in Taiwan on a student visa. I love Catherine and I am concerned about the welfare of her family and friends. She is my sunshine and I know she is worried about the future of her homeland.

Here is a video from the BBC chronicling the recent protests:

Also, an excellent look into the state of affairs brought to you by AlJazeera:

I fear that the Monks will be sacrificed as a result of the government's need to quell unrest. I think this situation could easily turn into a bloody mess. Perhaps it takes the death of those greatly revered in order to empower the voiceless?

It's time for the world to come to the aid of the Burmese freedom fighters. If those leading the charge have an iota of the qualities that Catherine possesses, it's worth the effort.

I will be keeping a close eye on the situation and will continue to post about the developments.

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