Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Burma/Myanmar Update


According to Reuters, the junta has placed hundreds of troops in the heart of the area where the protests have taken place over the past week. This locale is also where the military junta slaughtered 3000 pro-democracy protesters in 1988. Government vehicles equipped with loudspeakers are cruising the streets warning the citizens about laws that prohibit free-speech and the consequences of breaking the laws. Despite the emergence of the military thugs, the brave Buddhist monks and their supporters are marching on. The next few days are pivotal and bloodshed is almost certain to be a part of the upcoming confrontation.

Keep in mind, Burma is 90% Buddhist. Violence aimed at the monks is surely not going to garner any goodwill from the general populace. There is no group in the country with more support than the spiritual leadership. Violence against the tens of thousands of monks will certainly come back to haunt the military junta.

Another very disturbing development, according to the Reuters report, is Aung San Suu Kyi has apparently been moved from her home to a high-security prison. It looks like the junta kingpins didn't approve of the display of love and respect she received during the monks visit to her the other day. I'm thinking they feel they have to put as much distance between Suu Kyi and the marchers as possible...a sad attempt to abate the uprising.

Stay tuned...

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