Thursday, September 27, 2007

Burma/Myanmar Update (Day 9)

What everyone has feared is happening...the military junta has opened fire.


It's chaos in the streets. The soldiers have killed up to 8 protesters, mostly monks, according to the latest AP report. The government has authorized the soldiers to raid monasteries and arrest the monks. There are several eye-witness accounts of monks being beaten to death. Looks like the government is no longer going to tolerate ANY disobedience.

Ignoring the directives from Beijing, the crackdown on the peaceful protests is in full-force. Many leading experts in the region have speculated that the only reason that the government has allowed the protests to take place as long as they have is because the Chinese government is weary of the bad press leading up the Olympics. Apparently, that is of no concern to Than Shwe, the leader of the military-run government. Ignoring the warnings of their big brother up north could spell trouble...

The United Nations is now taking action. A few days ago they announced renewed pressure on The State Law and Order Restoration Council, the party of those in control in Rangoon/Yangon. Burma has been the subject of sanctions for decades with little effect. This situation will not be resolved with economic pressure alone, not as long as China continues to prop-up the junta.

This fight is only going to get more intense. Let's hope the will of the monks breaks the proverbial backs of the illegitimate military strongmen.


SJL said...

It doesn't make sense to me that this kind of things are still happening and the rest of the world let it happen.

David said...

me either. the situation seems so helpless because the government has managed to isolate the country from the rest of the world. perhaps the U.N. will take action soon?