Monday, April 09, 2007

Birthday Fun

This past week I celebrated my 37th birthday...I'm getting old!

I had many pleasant surprises at work. Some of my students remembered my big day and gave me some fun gifts. Anne, a wonderful girl, gave me a cute little stuffed animal monkey; Tim, one of my students in my 1106 class, gave me a great little toy dog; Teacher Catherine got me a Starbucks Taipei Mug. Of course the bosses Carol & Gavin bought some pizza for the office and also surprised me with a couple of neat little gifts.

1093, the group that I have been with the longest, surprised me on Saturday. During our usual break time on the hour, I had to go up and take care of a few things in the office. When I returned I found the following:

What a nice surprise. These kids are so great. I have been teaching them for about 8 months now. There have been times when I wanted to scream, but for the most part it's been a wonderful experience. They have helped me become a much better teacher. They inspire me.

Here is a shot of them on Saturday. They either love or hate to have their picture taken. Tiger & Chris, in the front, love mugging for the camera. While Lucy & Alice (hiding their faces) think the camera is a tool of evil!

Thanks to everyone who helped make my birthday so much fun. I had a good week.


Carol said...

This is really amazing...i'm sure you had a wonderful time...and the pics look great too...and well for some more fun and laughter also visit my blog on Birthday Greetings and enjoy all that it's filled up with!!!!

Carrie said...

Seriously, we're a little sad that we aren't there for at least a birthday drink. We hope you had a great one. We're thinking of you all and wondering how life is. We're in Cambodia is good.