Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I woke up yesterday with a headache, a sure sign of a bad day to come. The pressure on my eyes was intense. I drank some juice, had a bowl of Cheerios and laid back down. I figured another hour or so of rest would help. It seemed to work.

I had a staff meeting yesterday at noon. I woke up, showered, and headed across town for the meeting, feeling good.

After the meeting, I made my way to work. Within about an hour the pressure on my eyes started to return. At about 5 0'clock, I went to the bathroom. As I was washing my hands I noticed a bump on my face just below my right eye. It wasn't too bad looking but was a little tender to the touch. I thought it was the beginning of a zit. I went back to my desk and took some Ibuprofen. My class was just a few minutes away, I had to hustle.

Over the next two hours the bump grew quickly. My kids thought it was pretty freaky and I began to get worried. By 7 o'clock, the bump was huge and dark red. I was getting a bit nervous about it because it's close to my eye and it was causing me some vision troubles. I kept thinking that perhaps a mosquito or a spider had bit me the night before, I was dumbfounded. After the class, I went to the office and told my boss I needed to go to see the doctor a.s.a.p.. She wasn't thrilled about this idea because I had a class starting in thirty minutes. I told her I guess I could teach the class and go to the doctor after...not thrilled about waiting, but I did.

Gavin, one of the bosses, took me to the doctor at 9 o'clock. He poked at it for about thirty seconds and told me that it was an allergic reaction to something. I have never had allergies before so I was skeptical. He told me to put an ice pack on it for fifteen minutes and then apply some ointment that he gave me. I agreed and set off home. I was still not sure that it was allergies but I did what he prescribed.

I woke up this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see that the bump is smaller and not as painful. Did I somehow develop allergies in the past few months? As I said before, I have never suffered from them before. I hope that this isn't the start of a long battle with the environment here.


Anonymous said...

David, it is very likely to get struggling with the air pollution, the humid and weather sooner or later on this island, I suppose. Since a few weeks my eyes have been itching. The doctor says it might be an allergy to the influences I mentioned, and like you, I was never aware of being allergic before. Did you undergo any test? Maybe some strange sea creature from the night market and stinky doufu help... Please keep posting about the issue.


David said...

it's rough. i am feeling a lot better today. we'll see how it is in a week.