Monday, April 16, 2007

7-11 Snoopy Madness

For the past few months, 7-11 has been giving away Snoopy credit card holder thingies if you spend NT$75. They are holograms of many of the significant places throughout Taiwan. Pretty neat, actually. Since 7-11 is pretty much where everyone gets their groceries in this country, many folks are heavy into collecting the Snoopy cards. The chain stores here are always giving away goofy little trinkets. It's a very competitive market and they have to find ways to draw you in, it works. Collecting the 7-11 give-aways is a religion in Taiwan. The promotion ended this week and I am 5 short of the complete set. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to trade with my students to complete the series. Next week I have several of my kids bringing them in and I am anticipating some serious wheeling and dealing.

All of this sounds silly, I know. But it's kinda fun and a welcomed distraction from the real world. Here is what they look like. Remember, they are holograms, so getting a good picture of them was tricky.

The one on the lower right is funky looking because the angle of the shot didn't jive with the hologram.

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