Monday, April 09, 2007

Birthday Dinner at Thai Town

Catherine & I had a great dinner Sunday night at a killer restaurant named Thai Town. I was really craving Thai food. The food was outstanding, as was the company. We had a lot of fun. The restaurant is small, has a very intimate feeling inside. We both really enjoyed the meal. Catherine managed to find out that the owner of the restaurant is from her home country, Myanmar, how cool is that? Burmese and Thai food are very similar.

We decided to order several dishes and share them, a good way to sample a lot of the menu. It turned out to make the meal much more enjoyable. We had a beef dish in a spicy cashew sauce, a grilled chicken dish with some interesting spicy sauce, a papaya salad that Catherine really liked, and an incredible eggplant dish. My favorite was the beef dish, the sauce and cashews were perfect. The eggplant was exceptional, it was awesome on a bed of rice. The food is a bit pricey, but well worth the money.

Catherine was, as she always is, wonderful. She had a great time. I have never seen her eat so much...I know she really enjoyed the food.

Here are a few shots from our evening:

The plants on the table are birthday gifts from Catherine. She knew that I need some greenery in my apartment, good stuff.

Ahhh, notice the bottle of Thailand's own Singha beer. A fine beverage.

Duh, I forgot to include where the restaurant is located. It's on Wenhua Rd., across from the Banciao Train Station. There are two Thai restaurants over there, this one is the one further away from the station. You'll see a red sign that says "Thai Town" beneath the Chinese lettering. The front is all glass, they have one of their menus on display out front, ya cant miss it.

Good question Andres.


andres said...

where is this located at?

Boyd R. Jones said...

I am really intrigued by the sheer number of Thai eateries in the Hsinchuang/Panciao area (as evidenced by the Thai writing -- I assume most are restaurants). Worthy of further exploration.

David said...

Yes, there are quite a few in this area. I think it's great.

Dre said...

hey david, that's for the update with the location. i know exactly where it is. i've actually walked by that place before and said to my wife we should go try it out someday but never went back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, this is your Uncle Tony with your Dad standing next to me. He, along with your Uncle Bill/Aunt Marline, Aunt Margie/Uncle Roy, Uncle Skip/Aunt Verna, Cousin Wendy and Cousin Amy are down here in Virginia visiting Aunt Debbie and me. This is a rarity that the all the Edwards’s brothers and sisters get together. Aunt Debbie and I are living just outside Winchester, VA and the whole Edwards clan came down for a weekend visit. Wendy told us how we could reach you thru your blog. Your Dad wants to say hello and he loves you and hope's to see you when you get back to the states. Take care and Debbie and I also hopes to see you when you get home.

David said...


It's great to know that you are checking out the blog!

I haven't seen any of you in a looooong time. Life here is pretty hunky-dory. How neat that you all had a chance to get together.

I will do my best to see each and every one of you when I return to the states...not sure when that will be.

I hope everyone is doing great.