Sunday, April 08, 2007

At the Movies...

For the past 4 Saturdays, Catherine & I have gone to the movies. We are both movie junkies so this is good stuff. We have been going to the Warner Village Theater in the Xinyi district of Taipei because it's got the best selection in the city. The theater is huge! It's 3 floors on both sides of the street. They must have about 30 screens, not sure.

I have decided to post my thoughts the movies we have seen. I will try to remember to post after each trip. Perhaps my completely biased, often silly thoughts about the movies will help you decide if they are worth seeing...

So far we have seen a mixed bag of movies. Here is a quick look at the flicks we have seen together:

Hannibal Rising. Not a great start to our movie-going experience. I went into it with low expectations, so I wasn't terribly disgusted by it. I was interested in seeing how they played out Lecter's early life, what caused him to become such a freak. The acting wasn't stellar and the premise was pretty far-fetched. It was fun, but not worth paying to see...wait until the DVD comes out to watch this one.

300. Sensory overload. Very entertaining movie. At times, I felt like I wanted to push the "pause" button because the action and sound were furious. I really enjoyed this one...I think it's still playing in theaters, check it out.

Premonition. Luke-warm on this one. About what I expected from a Sandra Bullock movie. We went to this one because "Shooter" was sold out. It had its moments, but overall, mediocre.

The Reaping. Possibly the worst ending I have ever seen in a movie. If you take out the last 15 minutes, it's a decent movie. I am a little shocked that Hillary Swank chose this role. She has won two Academy Awards, this one will not get her a third. The premise is kinda cool but the way it played out was silly. They relied heavily on special effects at the expense of story-line and dialogue. If you want to see how NOT to effectively wrap up a story, check out this movie.

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Dre said...

300 just kicks ass!!!