Monday, February 20, 2006

The Land of Bathroom Tile

I'm in full apartment mode. I went out this weekend and bought a bunch of stuff in order to make this my home. Nothing fancy, cleaning supplies and mundane stuff like that.

One aspect of this country that is kinda nutty is the use of tile. EVERY apartment and business is floored with wall-to-wall tile. I understand that clean-up is much easier, but it's not very warm. Not to mention the rain factor...ya see, it rains here all the time and the sidewalks are all made of bathroom-type tile. Tile is not the easiest surface to walk on when it's wet. Walking down the sidewalk during or after it rains is like walking on ice...ugh, I hate it. I've had several moments when I thought I was going to take a dive on my way to work.

This week at work is going to be interesting. I have a meeting Tuesday with some folks to discuss the Superwriters class. There are some issues that need resolved. The primary issues are the direction of the class and the pace. Do we want to follow the order of the text book and how quickly can we effectively make it through? The duration of the class is important because the parents are paying for their kids to be there and expect an efficient and cohesive program.

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