Saturday, February 04, 2006

Day One in Banchiao

My first morning at my new place. So far, so good. This little apartment is perfect. The bed is a bit hard, but I think a visit to Ikea can solve that problem. I've been told they have mattress pads there. The apartment has a nice bathroom and an excellent wooden wardrobe. The place is just big enough to hold a bed, wardrobe, desk, frig, some kitchen counters and a sink. It's what you'd expect in Asia, considering the population density here...a big apartment is a waste of space.

The building itself is quite nice. The security is great. There is a door man at the entrance and you have to have an electronic key thingy to get the elevator to move...very secure.

I went out to get some breakfast this morning and discovered that there is an Overseas Dragon just a couple blocks from here!!! This just happens to be my favorite Chinese restaurant, they make the most incredible fried dumplings on Earth. In the US, they call them "pot stickers". They are yummy.

Back to work on Monday...I've had a nice break. Accomplished some things I needed to do. I found this place, bought a computer, and did some exploring around the city. Had a fun time, but now I'm broke!! Back to work to start rebuilding my savings.

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