Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A By-Product of "Why My Mom's the Greatest"

The first day back at work proved to be an eventful one. I found out that starting a week from today I am going to be teaching a composition class all by myself!! Yikes. I have been looking forward to this opportunity, but now that I know, I'm a bit freaked out. I am going to have 15 students looking to me to guide them through the process of writing, what a task. I have to relax and let my instincts take over. I know I can kick butt, I'm just a little intimidated.

The program is brand new, Gram (my school) has never had strictly composition classes before. Looks like they feel that I am able to give it a go...new books and zero history in this area...what a challenge. Classes are held every Tuesday night from 7-9:30. I can't wait to find out what students I am going to have.

I talked to mom on the phone last night. She is putting together another care package for me. The primary needs are some more Aleve for my shoulder and Reese's Cups...lol. Sleeping on these wacky hard beds has been rough on my shoulder and the Reese's are to help maintain my sanity...

Talking to mom last night about my upcoming classes reminded me of my first serious attempt at writing. About a million years ago, I wrote a powerful piece known simply as "Why My Mom is the Greatest"...it was a labor of love. I was richly rewarded for my efforts. The composition was submitted to the local newspaper as part of a city-wide contest and I took first place! It was published prominently on the 3rd page of the paper and mom and I enjoyed a nice dinner at one of the local swanky restaurants compliments of the newspaper...undoubtedly one of my finer moments.

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