Friday, June 29, 2007

V.I.P. Birthdays Coming

In the next week or so, three very important women in my life will celebrate their birthdays. My mom, my sister Shelley, and Catherine have their big days coming up.

My mom is celebrating her 29th birthday for about the 40th I am bummed that I can't be there for the fun. I am sure that all the fam back home will see to making her day special. I recently sent her a package full of pictures and stuff from my time here. She always tells me not to buy her anything, so I think the pics will make her happy. I have ranted before about grateful I am for her support and love, no need to rehash that stuff...thanks mom.

Shelley, my crazy North Carolinian sister, has her big day the day after my mom. Shelley is the kind of sister everyone should have. She has always been a stabilizing force in our family. She is a fine example of how to live...the polar opposite of me! I hope your birthday is a special one Shell.

Finally, Catherine's day comes just a few days after the above. I have been dating her for about 4 months now and she has brought so much happiness and love into my life. It's kinda crazy to think that two people from such incredibly different cultures/backgrounds have come together. I think we are a good fit. She has a remarkably calming effect on me. I love her...she is my sunshine.

Happy Birthday Ladies!!

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