Friday, June 08, 2007

10 Clueless Old White Men

Is this a snapshot of America? 10 old white guys espousing tired religious dogma and timid bigotry...

God help us all if any of these idiots make it to the White House. But then again, it couldn't get much worse than it is now.

It's all about fear people! If they can keep you afraid of the "other guy", they can continue to make rash decisions and bad policies.

Ya gotta love CNN's grasp on the obvious.


Mark said...

I hardly think Ron Paul fits your description. He's the only candidate on either side who was against the war in Iraq from the beginning, would end the war on drugs, or has a voting record of consistently supporting civil liberties. He didn't vote for the Patriot Act, its renewal, the Military Commissions Act, or the John Warner Defense Authorization Act. Hell, Ron Paul was even one of the only guys not to cave in and vote for Clinton's deplorable Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, right after the Oklahoma City bombing.

He's the only candidate on either side that actually respects the constitution or has the will to do what it takes to repair the damage from our current administration.

David said...

ok, Ron Paul may be a bit more palatable. he does seem to have a more realistic approach to the bumper sticker campaign we call the war in Iraq.

i will check him out...i seriously doubt he is progressive enough for my tastes, but nonetheless, i will look into his campaign.

you have made some good points. thanks for the input.