Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Taipei Zoo cont'd

Catherine always wants me to be in the pictures with her...I ruined a perfectly good shot..lol.

Up close and personal. Can't remember what this lizard is called. There were two of them and their heads bobbed up and down wildly.

This is just outside the Penguin house. It's nice to be so close to the crazy city and not have to see the ugly gray buildings and choke on the air.

Mugging for the camera. We had a lot of fun. Catherine is the ideal companion for these trips. She is so easy-going. I think it's perfect because I am such a spaz.

There were many other animals that we enjoyed but the pics just didn't turn out too good. Also, I was a little disappointed by the condition of some of the animals. The famous Taiwan Black Bears looked a little rough. Psychologically, the animals have to be a bit strained. I have always been skeptical about zoos. I know that often times a zoos can rescue a species from extinction. But, at the same time, what the heck are we doing caging them for our amusement? Oh well, we had a nice day and trip #2 was a success!

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Anonymous said...

One place you and Catherine should visit is Green World. I'm not exactly sure where it's located but it's like 15 minutes from Sia Gon Guan (probably spelled that wrong). It's one of the most up kept places I have EVER been.

I went to a zoo in Taiwan, not the Taipei zoo, but it only cost 10 NT to get in and the animals looked so miserable I was considerably depressed the rest of the trip.

However, Green World is the place to go. They maintain everything very well and even have people in exhibits plucking the weeds and scrubbing the rocks free of algae.

It might be a tad bit "expensive" compared to the zoo, I want to say it was like 250NT when we went just this past week, but all the money goes to the park.

It's really realllly clean.