Monday, May 07, 2007

Adventures with Catherine, Danshui & Bali (part 2)

A rarity in Taipei, a view of trees without any imposing buildings looming in the distance. The bike trail is a great place.

What happened to my hair? Yikes! Here we are on our tandem. It was a nice breezy day.

Cool looking bridge along the route.

A popular spot to take a rest. I was shocked to see so many avid bike riders on the trail.

Yet another statue along the way. Overall, a very nice area. The bike ride was lots of fun.


Michaelangeloh said...

Thanks for the pictures and a glimpse of Taiwan.Stop by my website if you have time and theres music and video.Just to pass some time away.Thanks again for your blog I enjoyed it.

David said...

hello michael,

thanks for checking out the blog. i try to share my experiences and provide a slice of life here.

i will check out your site.