Monday, May 14, 2007

Some of My Kids (Pictures!)

The following pictures are some of the crazy kids I have the privilege to teach. They are great kids. The first group is class 1106. I have been their one-and-only English teacher for the past 5 months. They have a wonderful attitude. This is an incredibly easy group to teach.

This is most of them. The class has 21 students, it's tough to catch them all in the same frame.

Here they are hard at work. Jacky, the boy in the front, is crazy. He always has a smile on his face and loves to mess with me...great kid.

I had to include this one in this group. This is a class that I teach about once every two weeks. They are young and silly as can be. What makes this class unique is that 3 of the girls in this class are the little sisters of 3 of the students in my 1106 class (the class in the first two pics)...what are the odds?

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Anonymous said...

I'm Evan. My sister and me looks so funny.