Thursday, December 07, 2006

Jerry & The Toilet

My porcelain throne sprang a leak. Had to call Jerry, the landlord, to come a take care of it. Part of the doohickey in the back went bad. As usual, Jerry was out in a flash. He is a great guy, very kind and goes beyond the call of duty for a landlord. He fixed the problem in about 10 minutes. You know, I am not totally clueless about this stuff, but I was afraid if I started messing with it, it might get messy.

Bathrooms here are different from back home. Due to space issues, most bathrooms don't have a shower stall. When you shower, the entire bathroom gets wet. It's not a big problem because everything is tiled and dries pretty quickly. Jerry, being insanely polite and afraid to dirty anything up in the apartment, took of his shoes before entering the bathroom. This would've been Okay except I had just finished taking a shower and the floor was wet. Poor guy had sopping wet socks by the time he was I told him he could keep his shoes on, he wouldn't do it.

After he finished fixing the commode, we came to an agreement about English lessons. He has been bugging me for months about wanting to learn English, I finally capitulated. I'm gonna teach him for an hour a week. Every Thursday morning we will have a go at it. We haven't discussed how much it's gonna cost him, but I think about NT$600/hour sounds good. That's about $20 American an hour.

If I could find 5 or 6 more tutoring students like Jerry, I'd be sound as a pound.

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