Sunday, December 10, 2006

Chinese New Year

I just found out that we are getting nine days off for Chinese New Years this year. The dates are February 17th through the 25th. A nice long break from work.

There are two issues that might make doing something fun a little difficult. One, I return from my trip the States at the end of January, my cash flow is liable to be pretty low. Also, most of Asia travels over the holiday and airfare is sky-high.

I am considering a trip to Bali or a return to Thailand.

Bali is a little island in Indonesia. The resorts are amazing, you can climb a volcano or spend the day in a park inhabited by thousands of monkeys. It's a very relaxing place. Brent, who used to work with me here, went there a few times and said it was amazing. The food and activities are second to none. Deals for very nice hotels are easy to get because of the bombing there a few years back. Some guys decided it would be a good idea to blow up a nightclub there...nasty stuff, but good for the price of a stay at one of the resorts. Since the incident, vacations to Bali have been quite a bit cheaper. I don't let that kind of thing deter me from doing what I want, life's too short.

If not Bali, then perhaps a return to Thailand is an option? If I go back there, I will venture outside of the city. Maybe head north where I can do the elephant safari thing. One thing is for sure, I will be hitting up the markets in Bangkok.

Not sure which direction I am going to go, but I have to decide soon.

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