Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm Building An Ark...

Rain, rain and more rain. This is getting silly. It has rained every day this month, no exaggeration. I know it's March and spring and everything, but enough is enough. My walk to and from work has been a real joy. I walk about 10 minutes each way for work. What makes it a challenge is the sidewalks here are all made with tile...have ya ever tried to walk on wet tile? It ain't fun.

Life here is going along quite nicely. Nothing too terribly exciting lately. The most exciting thing I've encountered lately is the Ikea store in Taipei. What a cool place. I've been able to find some of the little things that I have had a tough time finding elsewhere. The store is pretty cool, so aesthetically pleasing. The Ikea company have cornered the market on sensible stuff.

My birthday is coming up, ugh, can't believe I am gonna be 36. Some of my friends want to take me out for a big steak dinner for my big day. Sounds like a plan.

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