Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Rain Stopped. Earthquake Alert!

It appears the rain has stopped, it's been dry for the past four days. In fact, the weather has been great. In the 70's, with just a few scattered clouds in the sky...I love it!

Yesterday, we had a doosey of an earthquake. It was about 6pm, I had just arrived home from running some errands and before I knew it, the apartment felt like a houseboat. Everything was swaying back-and-forth as if I were on the water. It lasted for about a minute. News reports said it was centered in the southern part of the island and registered 5.6 on the Richter Scale. It was intense, I never know what to do when one of those suckers hits. When you're on the 9th floor of a building, there's not much you can do.

I found an oasis on this island of strange food! Yesterday, I found a bakery that makes baked goods the western way. It's called Florida Bakery. I was like a kid in a candy store, walked out of there with about $900 worth of baked goods (that's about $25 American). I bought 2 loaves of bread (whole wheat), a dozen cinnamon & raisin bagels, 6 hot dog buns, countless cookies, some real butter, and a big bag of dinner rolls. I stuffed a bunch of it in my freezer. After this discovery, I had to go out and buy a toaster oven. I foresee scrumptious breakfasts in my near future.

Chris & Brent are going back to Canada this week. Last week was a tough one for them, pretty emotional. They are both terrific guys who were fantastic at their jobs. They will be missed. The school will probably never have a better bunch of teachers than they had this past year. As I think I wrote before, Chris is one of the primary reasons I have succeeded here, he is a remarkable person with great skills.

I am stopping by his place on Wednesday. He is giving me a bunch of stuff from his apartment including a coffee maker, a water purifier (the boiling kind), and a variety of kitchen utensils. What a great deal, I need these things.

My birthday is just a few days away. Graeme, Scott, Andrew, Henry and a few others have decided to take me out to dinner. We're gonna have a steaks at a place called Dan Ryan's on Saturday night.

Work is great. I have this Wednesday off. It's a national holiday. Something about cleaning the tombs of your ancestors, not sure. A paid day off is never a bad thing.

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