Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Blood

The new teachers arrived yesterday, they seem to be pretty cool. The school saw fit to hire a couple that have been together for about 3 years...not sure that's such a good idea. I can't imagine why anyone would want to work with their significant other?? I'm a firm believer of seperation of work-life and everything else. Let's hope they can manage to keep their relationship issues out of the office. As I said before, they seem pretty cool and I'm excited to see what life after Chris & Brent is going to be like.

Each week my writing class gets better. I am getting more comfortable with the class and the material. A feasible technique has emerged and I think it's going to really be a lot of fun down the road.

One of the aspects that I am trying to hammer home is the structure of a composition. I have pushed them hard to rely on a basic outline layout in order to get them thinking about their writing. It's essentially a 1. Thesis statement 2. Three main concepts and details supporting them 3. Conclusion. I am stressing the three main concepts because I want them to get in the habit of having several points to back up their arguments. To reinforce this, their assignment this week is to write a paper entitled "If I Had Three Wishes". I want them to work hard on this stuff, but also have fun at the same time, hence the potential silliness that could come from having three wishes. Thus far, the kids have been wonderfully responsive...knock on wood.

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