Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The House Was A-Rockin

Last Thursday I survived a typhoon with 120 mph winds. Yesterday we had an earthquake! The news said it registered at 6.1 on the Richter Scale. What the heck is going on here??? What's next, a plague of locusts??? I think I've stepped into natural disaster central. The quake was intense. I was sitting at this computer and it felt like I was on a raft in the ocean. As if a wave passed under the floor. It's a really freaky feeling because I'm on the 10th floor of this building.

Aunt Janet recently emailed me with some good questions. Let's see if I can address them.

*The typhoon has passed. I think there were 3 fatalities in all of Taiwan. These folks are well prepared for disasters.
*My job is going great. I work with some excellent people. They are allowing me to ease my way into the job. This past week I've been observing a lot of classes. This week my thing is oral testing. All the teachers are allowing me to take charge on test days. I won't have a set class to teach. In this school the Chinese teacher is the primary teacher. My job is to come into each of the various classes once a week and teach a particular lesson. It's a different approach, and I like it. It should prove to be a challenge.
*Overall life here is good. There are many things that dumbfound me, but that's to be expected. With each day I become more comfortable. I don't anticipate having a problem getting into a good groove.

This Saturday Kelly & I are going to one of the night-markets. Probably "snake alley". They call it that because there are several stands set up where one can drink snake blood and/or eat snake. It's supposed to be a pretty crazy place. I'll let you know.

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Wendy ( crazy cousin from Pennsylvania) said...

Hi David,
I must say you are doing an excellent job of keeping us updated on your blog!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!It's great to check to see IF you updated this & dog-gone-it... SURPRISE........ You added a NEW post! It's wonderful to get some type of news from you on a regular basis! Thank You! Keep up the good work , Jayne & I are checking on you daily!
I'm happy that you survived the earthquake............ now that's enough bad weather.... OK? LOL Glad to hear you like what you are doing & that it is going well. I hope you just stay safe & healthy & NO WRESTLING! Kelly seems to be a good thing to have happened for you also.
Well , it's late...... I'll close for now...... I wish you well & hope that only great things come your way.
Love , Wendy