Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hospitals and Cold Sweats

I finally made my way over to the hospital yesterday. In order to get a work visa you have to get a physical. It wasn't as traumatic as I had anticipated. They checked my eyes, weight, blood pressure, took some blood, and did a chest x-ray. Other than a bit of nausua after the blood test, it went smoothly. The place was packed. While waiting in line, I met a young woman from Canada. Her name is Allison. We exchanged phone numbers and are going to go out sometime in the near future. She and I had a lot of fun at the hospital. Neither one of us was crazy about the blood test. It was nice to have someone to freak out with while waiting in line...the blood test area was like an assembly line, not the most comfy set-up. Allison is cool, I hope we can see each other again soon. What is the deal with Canadian women??? Every one that I've met here has been incredible...

I taught my first class yesterday. It was my first time going solo. 18 kids hanging on my every word...yikes. Up until yesterday I had only monitored classes or taken part in class as a co-teacher. Being in charge was much more intense. I don't think it went as well as I had hoped. I was a bit nervous and don't think I was as centered as I should've been. I only had about an hour to prepare, so I'm chalking up my lackluster performance to anxiety...they changed my schedule that day. I think if I had known a day in advance, I would've done much better. I'm probably being too hard on myself, I'll have plenty of opportunities to hone my skills.

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