Friday, February 08, 2008

The Frito Bandito

Big score this week at the supermarket. I was perusing the aisles at the "City'super" grocery store when I came upon a glorious sight...Fritos! The folks in the adjoining aisles must've thought I had won the lottery by the sound of my enthusiasm. Fritos are truly a comfort food that takes me back to my childhood. My father was always munching on them. Needless to say, I grabbed a bag and have since given it a good home, my belly! I shared them with Catherine while explaining to her how big a score this was. She wasn't quite as titillated as I was.

Next up, some French onion dip to go with these little morsels of corn chip gold!


MJ Klein said...

fantastic! i love Fritos!

Wendy said...

If you like cream cheese , I dare you to try scooping some Fritos into the cream cheese. It is awesome!!! I have many people from my work hooked on the combination. It doesn't sound great.....but I am telling you , it's addictive!!!