Monday, January 07, 2008

I Am Legend

Catherine & I went to the movies last night. We headed out to our favorite theater in the Xinyi district of the city. After watching a few trailers on the internet, I Am Legend was an easy choice.

The movie was really good for the most part. Will Smith and Sam the dog were very good, an excellent duo. Smith continues to impress me when he plays dramatic roles. The comedic stuff he does is good but I think he shines when given a more serious role. Sam the dog was lights-out a hit. I couldn't help but want to take him home with me.

The post-apocalyptic New York City setting was artistically stunning. This set the stage for some gripping suspense and anxiety. The director successfully pulls you in with chilling elements of fright and sadness.

My one beef with I Am Legend is the ending. It seemed to wrap up far too quickly. As the credits began to roll, I looked at Catherine and said, "huh?". I couldn't believe that they managed to draw me in so successfully and then conclude the battle in a matter of 15 minutes. Seems to me there were lots of loose elements that could have been explored.

Overall, a fun movie that I highly recommend. I Am Legend is an excellent thrill ride.


MJ Klein said...

HC and i saw the trailer when we went to see National Treasure. i like Will Smith a lot and i would like to see this movie. thanks for the review David!

David said...

It was a lot of fun MJ. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Andres said...

i really wanna watch this.