Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Want My Mommy!

I think those just might be the words out of my mouth if I am a member of the opposing team. This is the Haka performed by the New Zealand national rugby team, The All Blacks.

Not long after arriving in Taiwan I was turned on to the sport of rugby, thanks to my South African buddy Graeme. I can't believe that it took me so long to discover this incredible game. About 2 years ago, Graeme took me to one of the local pubs that shows rugby on a regular basis. The Tri-Nations championship was being played that evening.

The Tri-Nations is a yearly tourney in which the Australian, South African, and New Zealand national teams compete. For quite some time these three teams have been dominant in the sport, so this tourney usually showcases the best rugby on the planet.

My introduction to the sport was a classic. The All Blacks (NZ) were taking on the Springboks (SA) for the trophy. It was a great match. The two teams have a storied history and this game was a excellent chapter in the sport. It came down to an exhaustive effort at the end by the South African team that came up just a few feet short.

I was hooked. All other sports seem so easy when compared to rubgy. The strength and agility required is unmatched, I think. I have adopted the All Blacks as my team.

The above video is part of the Kiwi's pre-game ritual. It's a traditional Maori dance. The team has been doing it since 1884, yes that's 123 years!! Ya gotta love it. I gotta believe that it has some psychological affect on their opponents.

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England will win the forth coming world cup. and thats , how do u yanks say... oh. a sure thing!

scotty. im off to the pub.