Saturday, July 07, 2007

Cath's Birthday at Tien Lai Yangmingshan

We are going to be spending the next few days celebrating Catherine's birthday in Yangmingshan park just outside of Taipei. It's a beautiful mountainous area that is famous for it's hot springs. We plan on hiking and soaking while there. The main objective of the trip is to pamper Cath. She has brought me so much happiness, it's time to show my appreciation.

We are staying at a ritzy hotel called Tien Lai Spring Resort. It has about 10 different kinds of hot springs and it's very luxurious, it should be fun.

Here are few pics from the area:
(I nabbed many of them from Flickr, not mine, don't sue me!)

This is a picture of the bath that is on each room's balcony. It's fed by a hot spring...very romantic.
This looks very comfy!

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