Friday, August 12, 2005

Dubya & Re-Packing
check out the link above, it's great stuff.

I couldn't resist putting this image on my blog...too funny.

I've been busy tying up as many loose ends as I can before my departure. Putting the finishing touches on my mom's yard, making sure the bank knows that I will be using my debit card in Asia, saying my good-byes to friends, these types of things seem to be eating up much of my time. Not to mention the steady stream of visitors we've had for the past two weeks. Time is flying and I know I'm going to be a mess by next Wednesday.

There have been some good reports from folks I've met through the various web pages. A few of them have arrived in the past week or two and seem to be doing fine.

Last Night I, once again, repacked my big suitcase. No matter what I take out of the damn thing it still ways a ton...very frustrating. I hope the airline people are understanding. If not, I am screwed!

It looks like I may be checking out Kojen schools. Henry, one of the guys I have befriended, just started with them and he is having a good time. They are one of the bigger chain schools which means there are plenty of jobs to be had in their organization. My goal is to hit the ground running once I arrive. Need to take a job pretty quickly and get rolling.

It's a shame that I have to leave the U.S. at such an intense period. If I had another few weeks I'd be joining Cindy Sheehan down in Texas. She is doing a great thing. We need to shake things up and change this dangerous course our country is on.

I'm working on putting some pics in here. Perhaps a few of home and family. Not sure yet.

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