Wednesday, September 03, 2008

And the Nomination Goes to:

Mayor Quimby!

The actions of John McCain in the past few days have left me dumbstruck. I have been genuinely trying to see the logic behind his nomination of Sarah Palin for the ain't there!

This all comes down to a total lack of respect for the process and the American people. How can you put someone a heartbeat (a 72 year old heartbeat that has been diagnosed with cancer 4 times) away from the leadership of the 300,000,000 people that is so unqualified???

Mrs. Palin didn't even have a passport until 2007!!!!! All the stuff regarding her family and ties to the "bridge to nowhere" are intriguing, this is downright frightening!

The possible Vice President of the United States has traveled abroad less than I have...scary stuff people.

I fear that we are getting fed the "average American that you'd want to have a beer with" crap again; much like we were in the early days of the dumbass in the White House.

We are electing a president. I don't want a "normal" person. I want an exceptional person with skills and a temperament suitable to the duties of leading the world.

Bottom line: your stance on abortion should not be the determinant factor when choosing a vice president.


Anonymous said...

This American election seems to have been dragging on for an age, with CNN as the only new channel I have access to, I get more exposure to this US election campaign that I'd care for. After so many months it does make you wonder how the Republicans could possibly have ended with that pair as their candidates.

Andres said...

here's something i don't get. one of mccain's knocks on obama was that he's too young and too inexperienced, but then he goes out and picks someone younger with even less political experience than obama?!?!

anyways, i'm sure you have seen this...
which reminds me of this...

David said...

hey andres,
this election is getting really ugly really's obvious that mccain is using the same thugs that bush used in his campaigns. they saturate the media with garbage and hope some things's despicable.