Tuesday, September 09, 2008

3 Years and Counting

I have been crazy busy with work this past month so my social life has been M.I.A.. Therefore, blogging seemed silly since I doubt any of you out there care to hear about my struggles at work.

Catherine and I have a few excursions planned in the near future. Perhaps they will be blog-worthy? Not sure yet, but I will do my best to get back in the swing of this.

A few weeks back, I reached the three year mark of my time here in Taiwan. The time has really gone by so quickly. I am planning on writing some posts about my impressions of life in Taiwan, 3 years in.

We're going to Taichung this weekend so I hope to take lots of photos and fill you in on the details. Time to dust of the camera!...lol

Catherine and I are working on all the marriage stuff, too. It's super confusing and I haven't had enough time to work on it lately. That's gonna change soon.

Also, I foresee some ranting about the US presidential election in the near future. I fear that the American public is getting hoodwinked by the republicans, again! That's just not acceptable.

Thanks for continuing to check out my silliness and please stay tuned!


Berta said...

I stumbled upon your blog when reading reviews about Eddy Burrito (or I should say, Eddy Cantina). I agree, the food is great. Anyways, I'm commenting because there is going to be a fundraiser for Barack Obama on Sept 27. Contact Amy Cooper at acooper at pstrategies dot com. The thought of Sarah Palin as POTUS gives me nightmares.

David said...

hi berta,

thanks a lot for checking out my blog. eddy's is good stuff. i did my best to describe my experience there, i love it!

i am considering checking out the fundraiser. Although the past few weeks have been a tad bit gut-wrenching, i believe Obama will prevail...perhaps my faith in the American people is misguided?...i freaking hope not.

take care,

Berta said...

hi david,

yes, I hope the Americans don't make the same mistake they made 4 and 8 years ago!

all one can do is their part - encouraging people to vote, voting, and donating. Unfortunately I can't attend the fundraiser as I won't be in Taiwan then.