Monday, June 02, 2008

NTN Trivia, Snyder, Jill and Damon's

After some goading, from who I suspect is Chris Snyder, I suppose I could relate to you the details of an evening out while I was in Ohio.

Before I go any further I should preface the following story with some details. My sister Jill and I have always claimed the trivia crown. For many years we have gone head-to-head in numerous contests in order to one-up the's intense! Neither one of us is willing to concede the title of trivia master.

We found ourselves in a position to once again do battle. A chain of restaurants throughout the U.S. known as Damon's has for years had a nation-wide trivia game that you can play while you eat and drink in one of their restaurants. It's called NTN Trivia and it's cool because you compete against the entire country, not just the restaurant you happen to be in.

Jill called up my good friend Chris Snyder to see if he wanted to join us. He obliged and we headed out to the local eatery. Also, Jill's two oldest boys joined us for a good dinner prior to the showdown. After noshing and enjoying hearing about the craziness of the lives of the boys, we said goodbye to them and headed over to the bar to show off our incredible grasps on the world of worthless trivia.

I had just had a good meal and was feeling pretty confident so I decided to take on Chris and Jill in a 2 against 1 challenge...perhaps not my best decision of the night. To make a long story a wee bit shorter, I think I did pretty well, I held my own. Considering I was playing against two folks that are considerably older than me (yikes, I am gonna pay for that remark), I think my performance was strong. If you ask my opponents, they might gloat in their victory...don't be fooled. The final score doesn't always reflect the quality of the competition. I had those two squirming and on the run throughout the evening!! My spirit has not been quashed regardless of the fact that the scoreboard didn't favor me. I accept the silver medal/loss in this battle but I certainly haven't lost the war!

One aspect of the challenge that I didn't see coming was Chris' wide knowledge-base. He was a worthy opponent. Don't get to comfy at the top Chris and Jill, I will return stronger and more committed than ever!

In all seriousness, I had a lot of fun. Chris and Jill are two of the best people walking this planet. I am truly blessed to have these two folks in my life. The evening at Damon's was big fun despite the damage to my ego!

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