Monday, June 23, 2008

McCain is in Trouble...

The new USA Today/Gallup poll has some revealing numbers. It's virtually a clean sweep for Obama. If the polls continue to swing towards Obama, this race could get seriously ugly. The Republican party has a long history of playing dirty pool and this game has just begun.

Here is the link to the entire article: USA Today


Percentage of respondents who view presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama favorably and unfavorably:


What respondents say would be the effect of Obama being black make on his effectiveness as president:

Make him more effective9%
Make no difference82%
Make him less effective8%

What respondents say would be the effect of McCain's age would make on his effectiveness as president:

Make him more effective11%
Make no difference65%
Make him less effective23%

What respondents say about the political views of McCain and Obama:

Too conservative40%9%
About right37%43%
Too liberal15%40%
No opinion8%8%

Which of the following characteristics and qualities respondents say apply more to Obama or more to McCain:

Understands the problems Americans face in their daily lives54%29%
Cares about the needs of people like you52%30%
Is independent in his thoughts and actions52%36%
Would stand up to special interests, including those aligned with his party48%34%
Would work well with both parties to get things done in Washington48%35%
Shares your values47%39%
Can manage the government effectively42%42%
Has a clear plan for solving the country's problems41%31%
Is a strong and decisive leader40%46%
Is honest and trustworthy39%35%


LeeshaLeesh™ said...

So would you say you were for Obama or just feeling sad for McCain?

David said...

I am a strong supporter of Obama. If you search back, you will find a few posts that show I am all for Barack and what he stands for.

The purpose of this post is to foreshadow what, I think, will be some seriously ugly campaigning on the part of the republican party. They are starting out in a pretty big hole, which means they are going to have to through an extraordinary amount of mud. Check out the opening paragraph...I think I made it pretty clear.

Thanks for visiting,

David said...

they are going to have to "throw" an extraordinary amount of mud...

i must've been pretty tired when i originally posted my response.