Saturday, December 03, 2005

How Henry Goes To The Post Office

Last night I taught a class that reinforced my desire to keep teaching. I came out of that class so pumped up. A large class (29 kids), I had one hour to teach them "How does Henry go to the post office?" Answer: "Henry goes to the post office by bike". "Where does Henry go by bike?" Answer: "Henry goes to the post office by bike". "Who goes to the post office by bike?" Answer: "Henry goes to the post office by bike". There were about 10 other similiar scenarios that I used...other people, taxi, train, park, Canada, etc. This may not seem like rocket science, but to kids with little or no English ability, it's a tough lesson. Well, I rocked! These kids took to this lesson like it was the latest video By the end of the hour, they were able to pose the questions to me. I simply said one word, i.e. taxi, and they would respond "How does Tony go to the shopping center?". It was so great to see such excitement. These kids were eating this stuff up. About 15 minutes after the class ended, the Chinese teacher approached me and told me that a few of the students had just told her how much they enjoyed having me teach them...what more can a person ask for?????????????

As a result of my success last night, I am considering going to the electronics market and buying a Palm They are pretty darn cheap here, and I've always wanted one.

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