Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Summer Staple

If it's summer and the sun is shining, then the tea is brewing. Sun tea is one of my favorite summertime must-haves. My mom seemingly always had a jar on the window sill soaking in the sun.

A month or two ago, I bought a 3 liter glass jar and a box of Lipton tea bags and decided to start brewing my own version of the caffeine-soaked goodness. It's been great. Catherine and I have enjoyed drinking the brew sans sugar and lemon. Just the natural tea without all the crap the store bought teas add. Here is a pic of the nearly finished product:

It's simple to make and mighty tasty! Just fill the glass jar with water (it must be glass because plastic makes it taste funny and doesn't do well in the sun), drop in 7 tea bags, sit it in the sun for about 3 hours and let nature do it's thing.


David said...

Interesting idea. I have heard of cold water tea before. Your solar powered idea sounds like a good one.

David said...

Yes David, it's good stuff and super easy to do. i used to drink two or three bottles of the 7-11 tea every day...i am a tea addict. this is a lot cheaper and tastes better.

thanks for your interest.

MJ Klein said...

where did you get the large glass jar?

David said...

Hey MJ,
there is a great store near Taipei Main Station that has pretty much everything under the sun. it's a really nice jar, think it cost me about $250...not cheap.