Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Myanmar / Burma, Enough is Enough!

As most of you know, Catherine is Burmese. So the recent storm, Cyclone Nargis, has been really tough to stomach for the both of us. I have consistently been a critic of the Burmese government but have tempered my criticism out of respect for Catherine. She loves her country and always reminds me that the problems are with the military men that run the country, not the people. Therefore, I have tried hard to compose myself when I feel the urge to rant about the litany of problems that have plagued the territory...I have reached my tipping point!

Click on this link to see why I just can't believe how screwed up this situation is and why the world has to do something:

This particular paragraph sent me over the top:
Relief workers also reported some storm survivors were being given spoiled or poor-quality food rather than nutrition-rich biscuits sent by international donors, adding to fears that the ruling military junta in the Southeast Asian country could be misappropriating assistance.

The heartless bastards are hoarding all of the relief goods and giving the starving population some crusty old crap they had laying around.

I have never been a supporter of interfering with a countries ability to govern from within, but this is the last straw. The military junta has murdered monks in recent protests, been incredibly slow in their response to the current disaster, obstructed the world's relief efforts and now are withholding the basic supplies that are necessary in order to save one-million plus people in peril.

How much longer can we allow this kind of crap to go on?

For the first time in my life, I am advocating the removal of a sovereign government by outside forces. It will be ugly. The men in control are ruthless and have the support of China, so it won't be easy, either. Blood will flow but I believe it is necessary in order to bring some semblance of normalcy to Burma. Perhaps a unified force wearing the uniforms of the United Nations would be appropriate? Not sure if they are able or sanctioned to do such a thing, but I am all for it!

The above statement makes me sound a bit too much like the idiot in the White House, but I just can't see another way of resolving this mess.

Please keep Catherine and her family and friends in your thoughts when you see what's taking place there.


cfimages said...

I agree with you David. Burma is a beautiful country and the Burmese are great people. The problem is the country is run by animals.

And now I wouldn't be surprised if the quake in China pushes Burma out of the news and we don't continue hearing about what's going on.

David said...

Yes Craig, it's a nightmare. There is another cyclone headed in that direction. I am afraid it's going to get much worse. It's frustrating.