Monday, April 28, 2008

Back in the Swing, Sorta

I've been back in Taipei for a few days now. As much as I love to do this blog thing, my priority this weekend was to spend time with my girl. I have some good photos and a few decent stories to tell from my trip. Five weeks away from Catherine was not easy and telling the story of my time in the States takes a back seat to spending time with my sweetie pie.

I plan on posting about the trip this week as soon as I catch up on some sleep!


MJ Klein said...

good to have you back, David.

Anne said...


I'm so sorry that I take long time to contact you. I just want to tell you I am a college student now. I don't have to retest in July. Most of my friends have to retest. From now on,I am a freshman of Tatung University. I major in Science. It sounds cool,isn't it? I hope we can meet soon. Amy and I both miss you a lot.

David said...

Thanks MJ. It's good to be back. The trip was a long one so it's been a chore getting back into my daily routine.

I'm hoping that we can get together soon and discuss your burgeoning career as a rock star here in Taiwan!

Take care,

David said...

Hello Anne!

Great to hear from you!!! I am so proud of you. I know you are going to have lots of fun in college. Are you living in a dorm at school? Make sure you study hard but also have lots of fun because time goes by very fast. I loved going to college and wish that I could go back and do it again.

Science? I am terrible at

I would love to meet up some time for lunch or coffee.

I miss you, too. Good luck and give me a call some time.

Carrie said...

Hi David,

Welcome home. John and I are thrilled to hear you're back. We've missed you. We found a terrific BBQ place that we're dying to take you to when you have the time. I'm finally well enough to head out for some socializing again!

David said...

hey carrie,
thanks, it's good to be back. BBQ sounds great! give me a ring when you are ready to chow down.