Friday, December 07, 2007

Donut Hysteria

This photo was taken while standing on the sidewalk in front of my apartment. It's opening day for the latest franchise of Mister Donut here in Taipei. Taiwanese people are donut crazy! Mister Donut is a Japanese company that is making a killing in Taiwan. The donuts are good, not Krispy Kreme good, but tasty nonetheless.

Check out the line to buy the sugar-coated bundles of fat. The line went on well beyond my cameras angle. How am I supposed to resist eating the little nasties when they are frying them up across the street???

Once again, defying every law of food consumption known to man, Taiwanese folks generally don't consider donuts a breakfast food...huh? The shops don't open until 9am making it impossible to for nine-to-fivers to pick up a baker's dozen before heading to work. Most locals I have spoken with about this think of a donut as a snack or dessert, not something that compliments a cup of coffee in the morning, go figure.


Naruwan said...

I've never thought of donuts as being breakfast fodder either! Maybe it's an American thing (I'm a Brit).

I did once ask for a bagel in McDonald's one afternoon and the girl stifled a giggle and said that was only available for breakfast. What, you can't eat bagels in the afternoon? I thought that was weird.

MJ Klein said...

the other day i cooked black beans in the Dutch oven. my wife thought it was very weird that i would just eat a bowl of black beans, as in Chinese cuisine beans are a dessert. so it doesn't surprise me that people here don't consider donuts as a breakfast food either. Naruwan, i'm with you. i used to order burgers in the morning at BK in the US. i dreaded it when they all went to their hideous breakfast menu. i hated that garbage the fast food chains served in the morning.

Mark Forman said...

Dude, with your physique don't feel guilty. Just enjoy them.

David said...

Perhaps donuts as a breakfast food is an American thing? McDonald's is gawd awful, but there is something about those breakfast sandwiches...I love 'em.

Yes MJ, I gotta believe that BK and the other fast-food joints have the capability to serve anything at any time of the day.

I do enjoy them Mark. My grandmother once told me that her doctor told her that a donut was nearly as lethal to your body as a bullet!

Andres said...

i like mister donut

David said...

me too, andres. they are quite tasty. it takes a lot of self-control to keep from getting donuts every day!