Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Airfare Hunt

I am on a mission to find reasonable plane tickets to the US. Catherine and I are talking about taking a trip across the pond. It will be a great chance for Catherine to see America and meet my family and friends at the same time. I can't imagine a better traveling partner. Also, I am itching to visit so I can iron out some details about transitioning back to the States. The opportunity to teach in Vegas is enticing.

We are thinking about making the trip in mid to late February, right after the Chinese New Year.

So far, it looks like the best deal is with Singapore Air. They are currently offering 2 round-trip tickets from Taipei to L.A. for about $1300 American. I have flown with them before and was very happy with the flights. They aren't necessarily the cheapest but they offer daily non-stop service and their seats and service are top-notch. The cost difference in the fares I have found is negligible...not enough to sacrifice the comfort that Singapore Air offers. When you are flying to the other side of the planet, comfort is a BIG deal.

I will continue to search but I think it's gonna be tough to top the Singapore deal.


Mark Forman said...

Yeah David-in my experience Sing, excellent. Malaysia nice as well.

David said...

yes, it appears the those two airlines are the best options. The other guys may compete cost-wise, but their planes and service are pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

You know you and Catherine are welcome to crash with us in Vegas if you want to investigate the teaching job market here. -P

MJ Klein said...

i always get the best deals on Northwest. i've been flying with them since 2003.

but David, you know you're getting married and staying in Taiwan like the rest of us. ;)

David said...

hey MJ, i checked out Northwest. i am beginning to have second thoughts about taking a trip home. it's too darn expensive. i will search again this week but i am on the fence right now.

audir1 said...

:O WOW kinda cool