Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cleaning Up After Typhoon Krosa

Typhoon Krosa was, by far, the most severe storm I have seen in my two+ years here in Taiwan. My apartment suffered some serious damage as a result of the incredible wind (gusts reached 170 mph!) and tons o' rain (over 24 inches in some areas!). At about noon, all hell broke loose. The windows were rattling, the roof was creaking and several spots in my ceiling decided to crack. Yup, I spent about 6 hours today battling, at last count, six nasty little spigots. I managed to get all of my electronics out of harms way before the showers came. I don't believe I lost anything to water damage. The upside to this mess is it forced me to move all of my furniture and clean the spots that otherwise go

At about 6 o'clock, everything seemed to taper off, thankfully. It's nearing midnight and all is dry...phew!

Jerry, my landlord, has already schedule some roof-repair guys for Monday. With any luck we won't have anymore appreciable rain before then. Today was a day off of work but I think I worked harder than any day I can remember at the school.

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MJ Klein said...

it could have been a lot worse David! i'm glad that your landlord is so responsive. the guy next door seemed indifferent to the fact that his bird coop was going to fly away on it's own. yes, we got lucky....